Software microfinancieras SOFOM credito gestion programa


Manejador de BD SOFOM credito programa gestion cartera

Ability to choose the type of database manager

Contabilidad Integrada SOFOM cartera

Accounting and integrated payroll

Software diseñado para México SOFOM credito programa gestion

Software specially designed for the Mexican market


Portfolio Management

Efficiently and automatically manages various financial products: group, individual, payroll and SME loans.

Administración de Cartera entidades financieras SOFOM software
Expediente Crediticio SOFOM software ventas a credito

Integrated Credit File

Generation of documents automatically: contracts, covers, payment schedules, etc. Includes the issuance, edition, replacement and cancellation of payment systems.

PLD Automatic Alerts

Changes in the client’s transactional behavior are identified automatically. Personalized follow-up is given to clients detected with a High Risk profile, among which the identification of clients that fall within the PEP’S list stand out.

Alertas automáticas PLD SOFOM programa creditos
Contabilidad Electrónica programa dinero prestamos

Electronic Accounting for SOFOM ENR

Registers and manages the accounting policies in the system. Includes Catalog of Accounts, Consultation of Initial Balances, Policy Capture, Year-End Closing, Checking Balance, Senior Assistant, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Daily Book, General Ledger, Accounting Events Template, Accounting Events Configuration and Profitability by cost center within each branch.


Query reports configured in the system:

  • Portfolio Reports
  • Management Reports
  • Administrative Reports
  • Executive Reports
  • Accounting Reports
Reportes HighFinance prestamos dinero programa